To have a friend, be one.

Chloe, Thobie and I at Goldreef City.

Chloe, Thobie and I at Goldreef City.

So this is my second post, and it really wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for a few key ingredients: gallons of favor from the Lord for even allowing me a platform to really connect and engage with you through my writing, a dash of inspiration and heaped spoonfuls of appreciation for the people that took the time to read my first attempt at writing anything from the heart that didn’t start with “Dear Diary” or OMG Chloe you won’t believe this!!!!

Building meaningful relationships with people is one of those things that takes a certain grace that I believe we all need to tap into because once you learn how to do that, you’re covered from all sides. Especially those times when you really need a miracle and no matter what you do, it refuses to fall from the sky or materialize right before your eyes.

Oftentimes blessings come in human packages. Apostle BVG drove that point right home with me, because I tend to go into “I can do this with or without you mode” from time to time. So yesterday I took to sending all my personal friends a message letting them know about the blog I want to share with them. Some of them got a message on BBM, some got a message on Facebook, but all of them received a personalized message with me asking them on an individual level to share this with me… And their friends too!

But with all that said, we all have our preferences when it comes to choosing friends. Some are like my aunt Mina who has the whole neighborhood take turns visiting her for tea everyday around the clock, Some have a more intimate social circle of girlfriends, a posse or clique, and others can just point to about one or two people other than their family who would pitch up and pitch in when they were urgently needed. But no matter how many people you can rely on to be there for you through life’s ups and downs we’ve all been drained, disappointed, deceived, discouraged or even straight-up dumped by someone we regarded as a friend. Some of these relationships were built to weather the storms while others, well let’s just say they got swept up in the tide.

But through it all, I’ve learnt that sometimes you will have friends who look and sound just like enemies, but in reality, their mission is to make you stronger, to push you forward and out of complacency. Sort of like the mommy eagle might look like quite the villain pushing her chicks off a cliff, but otherwise, they wouldn’t know that they could catch the wind and soar if they spread their wings wide enough.

Sometimes you’ll make friends who are on par with you, who understand and speak the same language as you, and those friends are there to stand in agreement and to accomplish tasks with you.

Then there are those who pull you along because they’re further ahead- some you’ve met personally and some you haven’t, but they still influence you a lot. You’re liking their Facebook statuses, you’re following them on twitter, you’re watching them on television, you’re reading their books and they encourage you to make the choices you make. In media studies, we call such people “opinion leaders”.

So what I’d like to know is who do you aggravate to the point of them realizing that they need grace just to deal with you?

Who are you agreeing with and helping along the way?Are you really being there for them like you should?

Whose opinions are you leading? And whose leading yours? Are they leading you to a place you’re sure you want to end up?

I’m amazed every time I consider that God looks at us mere mortals and calls us His friends. Psalm 25:14 declares that” The LORD is a friend to those who fear him.
He teaches them his covenant.” None of us have earned His friendship, most of us don’t even give Him so much as a shout-out or a thank you from time to time and yet He sticks closer than a brother, doing all three – pushing us forward, walking side by side and if we let Him, He leads us.
I don’t know about you, but I think that’s absolutely Godgeous…


9 thoughts on “To have a friend, be one.

  1. You know something interesting, I know a wise man once told me this and it may sound weird, but he told me that your best friend will very much resemble your enemy. I never understood this until I got older and realized it was TRUE! While your friend may have your back like close family, at the same time, they understand you very well, know your strengths and weaknesses and their personalities tend to be similar.

    -Da JABU

  2. Finally leaving a comment “praise God I kept trying” …That is so deep sis you know, many underestimate the effect others have on them ,or what effect they have towards them. Best friend you will ever have God, in light of knowing the effect is always to your benefit no matter how Sweet or Painful the Ride…I concur Absolutely Godgeous

  3. Hi, am really happy that your finding a way to release your brain in a open, free and productive manner, i’ll be checking it out from time to time, next think you know ill be seeing on a talk show, anyway good words but you forgot the most important one of them all, as you build strong relationships with a lot of people you turn to forget to build a relationship with the most important person in the world which is your self, and the most important thing is to know that enemies will disturb and interrupt your life and friend friends have the power to destroy your life as well, simply because the know how to.,…

  4. Awww bestie this was beautiful im glad i finally got to read some of your writing, our Father has truely blessed you with the ability to make others feel you thru your writing :-) I loved it!!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom and your ability to articulate issues that affect us all in a very personal way. Wow girl, I can relate and as I was reading it I my face was simultaneously filled with smiles and tears as I thought of my friends.

    Keep writing and you are such a wonderful voice of and from God. You Godgeous thing :)

    Much love,

  6. lol…..i hope the girls are not just just liking this because you expect them to, but because they are actually going to live by this…….. not to say guys get off scotch free but thats up to you to decide huh?

  7. Lindi, you are utterly gifted with clarity of mind articulation in communicating mind and heart matters all simultaneously and all without ever leaving spirit issues. You keep going, girl! Deep powerful issues of lasting relevance.

    We’re lapping it up!

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