Christ vs Women’s Rights

So I was innocently getting a snack from the fridge the other day while my dad was reading the paper in the kitchen when he suddenly found it to be the appropriate time to ask me if I’m praying for a husband (like he assumes most Christian ladies my age probably are) and if I am, what are the requirements that said husband would have to meet in order to win my affections.

The reasons why that was an awkward moment for me are on the rough draft I wrote before I posted this final draft and because they would turn this into a 20 page thesis on why fathers shouldn’t ask their 20 year old daughters questions they don’t really want the answers to, I had to leave that bit out and focus on the matter at hand.

So I gave him a really generic one-size-fits-all answer about how my ideal husband should be someone I think would provide and protect and be the head of the household and all that jazz but my dad seemed oddly disappointed with my answer. I know this because he then asked me if I’m intelligent, independent, educated and successful, why do I need to be some man’s subordinate? Because he’s definitely not sending me to university to have me end up a housewife, cooking and cleaning and raising countless children with some man towering over me and barking out orders like I’m some village wife.

Hearing those words come out of a burly African man’s mouth suddenly made me realize that its almost 2012, I’m a “hip young thing” with so many opinions that I have to edit most of them out so people don’t grow old trying to reach my conclusion, but here I am walking around with a two thousand year old “Thou shalt submit unto thy husband as unto the Lord” type attitude that made that whole scene look so wrong.

Many 21st century societies educate their daughters and encourage them to not only consider the opinions of marriage and motherhood, but also to consider the prospects of becoming doctors, lawyers and even presidents. In such a world, the bible has slowly developed a reputation for being on the side of men who want to treat women as sexual property and glorified personal assistants rather than equals.

I do hear those who are crying out for equal treatment after centuries of women being banished to kitchens, given secondary class citizen status, deprived of opportunities to excel outside of the home, being subjected to all sorts of abuse, I hear them, but “equal” doesn’t always have to mean “same”. Reason being, men and women are different beyond just the physiological aspects and we need to make peace with that so that we can combine our different strengths and capabilities to compliment each other instead of trying to out-do each other. How well this system works is equivalent to the degree of love, respect and selflessness that exists between both parties. Which is why it is never indicated in the bible that a woman should submit without the man being told to love his wife as Christ loves the church, and that’s a TALL order for any man.

He came into the relationship already prepared to lay down His life so that the church may have life and have it in abundance [John 10:10]. He became poor so that she could become rich [2 Corinthians 8:9]. He endured pain and persecution to carry her burdens so that His bride wouldn’t have to [1 Peter 2:24].

“Jesus always showed the greatest esteem and the greatest respect for woman, for every woman, and in particular He was sensitive to female suffering. Going beyond the social and religious barriers of the time, Jesus reestablished woman in her full dignity as a human person before God and before men … Christ’s way of acting, the Gospel of his words and deeds, is a consistent protest against whatever offends the dignity of women.”

— John Paul II, “Thoughts on Women─Address to Italian Maids,” April 197

So that’s my Absolutely Godgeous take on the matter and its pretty much settled on my side. I would take all my qualifications, super intelligence, fame and fortune and submit to a man who understands that to whom much is given, much is expected.

What’s your take?


6 thoughts on “Christ vs Women’s Rights

  1. you know i’m particularly sensitive to this subject and I don’t know exactly where you stand still, but I am an avid believer that the woman is supposed to be a helpmate to the man and the man is supposed to love her as Christ loves the church. With that being said, I was talking to a friend the other day about this same subject and he was saying that he heard a woman say they want to submit to a man if he was taking care of his business,True. But I also challenged him in saying that if that were true, then that means that there are absolutely no men out here taking care of business to submit to. Now my take on this is that women will submit to a man as long as it doesn’t interfere with their own interests.

    Men are dominant and we were given dominion and i’m not going to share. My friend was also saying that men need to step up and take our authority back and I refuse to agree because I said we never lost it. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks Christ is still God whether people believe it or not. He is still King whether people follow Him or not and the same applies for our role in the house. It is easy to love and take care of someone who needs to be taken care of but that’s not the case anymore in the world today. Women go out of their way to tell us that they don’t need us and that they can do it by themselves and then complain when they get caught up in their own requests. I don’t need a roommate that I can sleep with, I need a wife. I appreciate a soft touch from a woman… in her talk and in her actions. I need you to be vulnerable so I can protect you. Too many relationships are out of whack. Women are equal as far as they are supposed to compliment us not take over our roles and responsibilities.

    All that is to say that i think women have become very aggressive and it’s hard for us to distinguish are guy friends from are girlfriends and/or wives. Women are verbally abusive and sometimes even physically. Men can’t treat you like we treat other men and it’s confusing to have you guys take on such a male perspective in life…

    • Well, where I stand is that I do believe that in a relationship where the man knows his place and the woman knows hers, there is nothing wrong with the man taking the lead and the woman being his helpmeet, offering support, her intuition, and all those tender gentle qualities that are naturally inherent in women. However, in Genesis when God created mankind, He created them both male and female and gave them both dominion and told them to fill the earth. Over the years, men have abused their strength to overpower women and what we are now witnessing is a mass retaliation from women who no longer want to be the weaker sex and seen as vulnerable because men who were supposed to protect them were the perpetrators. But I do agree that there’s a lot of role-switching going on that’s confusing the dynamics of relationships between men and women and this needs to be rectified before anymore marriages are wrecked over power struggles.

  2. very controversial topic, its all a matter of mind to me and there really is no conclusive answer because none can be right nor wrong. i say we simplify things and combine both Lindiwez thoughts with the psalmist and just say if a man wants authority, he must find a woman needing male guidance… we cant force our ideals onto others right?

  3. You are absolutely correct Lindi, you as well Tshepang but I wonder if the retaliation against unfair treatment towards women have led to our rights being violated? (rhetorical) Yes

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