Hung up on love…

Wow, it’s good to be back after a couple weeks of dealing with everyday life and its many challenges. I haven’t forgotten all about you though, and as we enter into the second week of February, I know a few people have already caught Valentines Day Fever.

I was just talking to my best friend Chloe on the phone recently about how this can really be an awkward time for those who may find themselves, for lack of a better word, Valentine-less… Much like ourselves!

And on other days its a little easier to agree that its great not to rush into a relationship, its great to use this time to grow and come into your own as a woman of God, its great to learn to be happy all by yourself before you start wanting to be happy with someone else…

Yes, its all great, but with all the commercials all over the media and movies and RnB songs and cards and chocolates and red roses and happy couples suddenly popping up everywhere you go, tacky knick-knacks being passed around as tokens of love, it’s easy to feel unloved if you don’t get a card with a heart on it.

Its ridiculous, but it happens. Every year. Like clock-work. You’ve got to hand it to the media industry for this one.

They said I had to be tall and skinny to be pretty, I didn’t buy it. They said I had to be rich and famous to be happy, I didn’t buy it. They said you have to get a white teddy bear stuffed in a coffee mug with hearts all around it in high school and I actually bought it! It was so ridiculous it had to be true!

As a single person in February, you pretty much have three options during this month:

1. Climb the highest mountains and swim the deepest oceans searching high and low for a valentine. Well, that would be a good idea if it didn’t mean that you’ve bought into the commercialization of romantic love in the media to such an extent that you can’t stand yourself on this day because your television or tell-a-vison told you to get a plus one to make you whole.

2. Be sad and lonely and stay indoors and pray that it all blows over on February 15th. Which is still pretty lame for the same reason why option number one is lame. Its an overrated celebration of warm fuzzy feelings, not Hurricane Katrina.

3. Decide every morning of every day that this is the day that the Lord has made and you will rejoice and be glad in it.

I like option 3 because whether you’re single or not, it’ll get you through any day. Whether its Valentines Day with no Valentine or any day when things aren’t going according to your plan but are perfectly flowing with God’s plan.

Because no matter what your tell-a-vision says, if you have the love of Christ, you don’t have the greatest lover of all time, you have Love Himself loving you and He is above and beyond time.

His vow is to love you not until death do you part, but until it brings you closer.

While others get a mass-produced card from the supermarket on February fourteenth about a crush, you get a love letter that begins with genesis and flows into verse upon verse, chapter upon chapter, and book upon book of His undying love for you.

While others get a red rose, His words came to life, with breath and flesh and feeling, and lived and bled and died and rose for you.

Those who nailed Him to the cross called it crucifixion, but He called it a marriage proposal…

Is your yes still impending?

Are you still hung up on your ex, while He was hung up on the cross for you?

Did you say yes, but live like you said maybe later?

What are your thoughts on this season?


6 thoughts on “Hung up on love…

  1. So true, with the love of Christ; you are really never lonely and through that same love we learn how to really love our family, friends, colleagues and ourselves :).
    Amazing post.

  2. I think its true what you are saying. You know it is sad to think that people are running around trying to find themselves a val relationship and the next day after its done back to the real world. Val day is a waste of a day because if you truly have feelings for someone it is best to show them that love on a random day,a day when they will not see it coming so they will see that you have them on your mind. The Media places a emotional gun point,trying to say if you don’t get that special some1 something you don’t care about them. People need to open their eyes and see that val is a day to make money .There is a reason its not a public holiday. DON’T let the media tell you what to do or how you feel .and I like the option 3 god have always been there from day One love always growing love ever lasting you don’t need a day to know that you are loved because you should know you are loved 365 days a year . lindi good post I like it.

    • Very good analysis mayonde. The funny thing is that if you trynto trace the frenzy around valentine’s day, you will most certainly fail to connect the day to the person. Who really is valentine’s and why is he celebrated as the symbol of love. It’s really all about the money. But I guess it wouldn’t hurt to get a little titbit of adoration from a secret admirer!

    • I reckon, if you really love someone, you’re going to need to show that person how much they mean to you every day of the year and not just on one day of the year. Thanks for the comment Mayonde.

  3. I didn’t expect to scuba dive on this one… It was awesome. What an invitation to Love!

    Once again, Lindi: Tops!


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