I know this is really random, but today, I just felt the urge to share something that’s really close to my heart and how I personally find a release and meaning and peace and an expression of the work He has begun in me… My poetry.

I wrote this poem when I was sixteen. I wasn’t saved. I didn’t attend church. But the deep knowing and conviction I had that day without anybody saying a word, without hands being laid, without signs and wonders… Well, it means a lot to me now that I’ve become accustomed to church life and all the bells and whistles and frills and ruffles.

I was locked outside the house that day, because I went to school unaware that I had forgotten the house keys on the kitchen table. I attempted to break in and failed dismally, walked around the yard aimlessly for what seemed like ages, inspected the plants and grass in the backyard, stared at the clouds, lay there… With nowhere to go. Nothing to do. No one to speak to.

So I took a pen and paper out of my book bag and just wrote what came to mind. To this very day, I haven’t stopped.

I hope this blesses you.


When golden rays danced upon my slumbering eyes
When a new day shyly whispers hello and the old will say its last goodbyes
With dew-drop tears and blushing skies, oh my
How even the sparrow seems to echo these words of mine
Before my time, I could only dream of life
And these words were undefined.
Undefined to those who can take lives but not a single soul
Fail to take my faith and fail again to take my hope
For my place is not in deciphering that which is better left unknown
It is in knowing that through troubled times, I do not walk alone
Before my time, I could only dream of life
And these words were undefined.
We spend our whole lives searching for profound and far-fetched truths
But how far have we gone when men take journeys to the moon
While the desperate cries of our youth fall on deaf ears… We’re so consumed
But if one heart was touched today, I bless this day for we’re not doomed
Before my time, I could only dream of life
And these words were undefined.
To describe the splendour of new beginnings
To warn society of its shortcomings
To share my joy, my fears, my pain
Is a feeling I will leave this earth unable to explain.
There are none as free as those who can give life to their beliefs
And I believe in a God with a thoughtful heart and a loving mind
The rest, I say, is undefined.


6 thoughts on “undefined

  1. Oh lindi!

    I feel privileged to have a bird’s eye view into what was burgeoning within the soul of this 16 year old. And to see the fruit of it today! You have come far and have such a horizon ahead! No limits!!!

    I wrote more extensively but lost the whole thing because I sent sans completed fields (!)

    I have taken the liberty to mention you to a certain editor of the magazine we are selling at our bookstore. I will inbox you the details on fb.

    I have so much hope in you – in “where you are going” Queen Esther -in the making- of our times.

    Much love always


    • Thanks Lindi!

      I don’t write poems as often as I should lately, but do get back to it! Don’t rob us of your gift.

      And I appreciate you putting in a good word for me :)

      Love you lots!

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