Peace be still…

So I have this friend who goes by the pen name Michael Young and he has a blog at and as you can see, he’s officially the first person to have earned himself a guest post on Absolutely Godgeous, just by being that on point with a word I really, really needed to hear. A word I think we all need to hear sometimes when we go through tough times. And I hope you hear it the same way.

But other than that, we just needed a little testosterone up in here… A man’s point of view.

~Peace be still, by Michael Young~

As I was going through some hymns of my church’s hymn book, I came to the sudden realization that I take the words written for granted…sure I can read them, but up until today, I didn’t understand the magnitude of their meaning. After bending my mind a little bit, to attempt to comprehend the way in which God had revealed Himself to these writers, I was in awe.

I’d just like to share my interpretation of the hymn “Master, The Tempest Is Raging”. The way my imagination is forcing me to understand it is the following: a bunch of fellas on a boat to who knows where. Maybe I’m one of them on that ship. Then we begin to encounter some turbulence, the wind begins some unforeseen erratic behavior and the sea is more than willing to play along. We, on the boat, begin to say our prayers, I dunno if they are prayers of delivery from the raging sea or if its prayers of “hey, if we die here, at least let us go to heaven God.” But we are praying.

And God replies “The winds and the waves shall obey my will, peace be still, peace be still.”

And only today, did I realize the multidimensional meaning of that reassurance from God. The way I see it, from experience of a little turbulence, God is not telling the storm to “peace be still”. He is telling us…or me.

Check this out. I used to like this chorus we would sing (actually, I still love it, for its simplicity…what??? I’m a grown kid!!!) “With Jesus in the vessel, we can smile IN (not AT) the storm”. I used to not understand what made one want to smile at the storm, while Jesus was in the vessel. When I got older, I realized that its just because Jesus is in the vessel that we find reason to smile, while in the storm.

And the likewise applies to the illustration above of raging seas.

Sure the tempest is raging, but God has control over the storm. The amazing thing is that, I don’t think He is telling the storm to “peace be still”, as I mentioned earlier, I sincerely believe that He is telling us, the passengers on the boat to “peace be still”. He is not trying to pacify the pacific, not trying to calm the sea. He is trying to calm us down.

Like, “Hey Mike, lemme holla at you right quick…you know the storm you are going through? Yeah, don’t worr’ about it, I got ya. Just peace be still, don’t do anything stupid or irrational. Don’t try to save yourself. I got ya man. Best believe that I got ya.”

And that’s the thing right there, we tend to want to want the storm to be called down and we do not realize that we, in our frantic and similarly erratic state, also need to be calmed down. And that’s what I think God is saying. He is reassuring us that He controls the sea, so we shouldn’t worry about how it is raging on, we should rather worry about how we are raging on.

We tend to panic when faced with large obstacles or unforeseen challenges…but the Lord urges us to “peace be still” He controls all the storms, all the challenges. Our duty is to keep left, pass right and stay calm.

He can control the temper of the sea, but He can’t control our tempers. We need to call our over zealous selves the hell down and understand that God got us.

We need to learn to “smile in the storm” and not to panic.

Peace Be Still and remember that #GodGotYa.


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