Taking a stand for Life…

And so it was, that when all of creation was just six days old, God set out to create a being in His own image and likeness…

A divine being that existed to bring glory to Him in a way the sun, the moon and the stars in a billion galaxies, for lightyears into eternity ever could.

A being that could worship in a way the sweet song of the nightingale, the majestic roar of the lion and the resonating call of the massive blue whale couldn’t match…

This being could create realities in its mind and speak them into being, like only God can.

This man would carry on his person, the seed for man-kind.

To crown this masterpiece, He fashioned a woman, and her womb would be the conduit out of which man-kind is translated into the earth.

In Genesis 1:28, God speaks a special blessing over the first man and the first woman to “be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it”. With those words, He had set in motion His plan to fill the world. The world was Adam and Eve’s inheritance to fill.

Jeremiah 1:5 ESV

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

I look at that verse and it amazes me that God recognizes us as beings that exist in a realm somewhere in eternity even before our parents have even conceived us. At the point of conception, He already has a purpose for our lives.

Before my daughter was formed in the womb, He knew her…

Before she was born, He consecrated her and appointed her to fulfill a mission on this earth.

People who are unaware of this argue if a fetus is even human at all.

If they are all just an indiscriminate ball of tissue, why would you think twice about just ending it all and scheduling an abortion?

The problem is that we do know for sure. The science is there. We just wish we didn’t know.

At the moment when a human sperm penetrates a human ovum, or egg, generally in the upper portion of the Fallopian Tube, a new entity comes into existence. “Zygote” is the name of the first cell formed at conception, the earliest developmental stage of the human embryo, followed by the “Morula” and “Blastocyst” stages.

The zygote is composed of human DNA and other human molecules, so its nature is undeniably human and not some other species.

The new human zygote has a genetic composition that is different from any other human that has ever existed, including that of its mother (thus disproving the claim that what is involved in abortion is merely “a woman and her body”).

This DNA includes a complete “design,” guiding not only early development but even hereditary attributes that will appear in childhood and adulthood, from hair and eye color to personality traits.

It is also quite clear that the earliest human embryo is biologically alive. It fulfills the four criteria needed to establish biological life: metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction.

The zygote acts immediately and decisively to initiate a program of development that will, if uninterrupted by accident, disease, or external intervention, proceed seamlessly through formation of the definitive body, birth, childhood, adolescence, maturity, and aging, ending with death. This coordinated behavior is the very hallmark of an organism.

We know that if you take an emergency “contraceptive”, it’s not a contraceptive at all…

A contraceptive prevents conception. That pill operates in that one week period when conception has already taken place, but the embryo has hopefully not implanted itself in the lining of the uterine wall yet. It prevents it from implanting, and that cuts off the further development of that embryo.

Medical Science has established that the cardiovascular system is the first major system to function. At about 22 days after conception the child’s heart begins to circulate his own blood, unique to that of his mother’s, and his heartbeat can be detected on ultrasound. The baby is already an individual, with his own blood type.

At just six weeks, the child’s eyes and eye lids, nose, mouth, and tongue have formed.

Electrical brain activity can be detected at six or seven weeks, and by the end of the eighth week, the child, now known scientifically as a “fetus,” has developed all of his organs and bodily structures. If you had to give birth then, you would see a fully formed human being.

By ten weeks after conception the child can make bodily movements.

Expectant parents can see the development of their children with their own eyes. The obstetric ultra-sound done typically at 20 weeks gestation provides not only pictures but a real-time video of the active life of the child in the womb: clasping his hands, sucking his thumb, yawning, stretching, getting the hiccups, covering his ears to a loud sound nearby — even smiling.

Fetal surgery is a common procedure nowadays, and includes the separate provision of anesthesia to the baby. These procedures include shunting to bypass an obstructed urinary tract, removal of tumors at the base of the tailbone, and treatment of congenital heart disease.

The validity of human life before birth is scientifically indisputable. These are value-neutral facts in spite of whether you are pro-life or pro-choice.

Pro-choice feminist Naomi Wolf, wrote a ground-breaking article in 1996, arguing that the abortion-rights community should acknowledge the “fetus, in its full humanity” and therefore abortion causes “a real death.” If they were to argue for abortion, it was better not to do so under the premise of telling women that what they are carrying isn’t fully human.

Kate Michelma was the long-time president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, which is a national organization that advocates for and provides comprehensive information on reproductive rights in the United States. They primarily engage in political action and advocacy efforts to oppose restrictions on abortion and expand access to abortion.

Kate recently acknowledged that “technology has clearly helped to define how people think about a fetus as a full, breathing human being.” She had to acknowledge that.

Psalm 139:13-16 ESV

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.

Despite stating these facts, abortion remains unlike any other issue debated today.

Millions of American women have aborted a child, and the pain, loss, and emotional need to justify what was done, both on the part of the mother and on the part of her loved ones, is strong and deep. Despite what science proves, people have an emotional need to assert that it is not murder and there was no life inside of them.

Others can agree that the unborn are biologically human, but in terms of the law, they are not to be recognized as a legal person before they are even born, so they cannot be murdered in terms of the law.

Well, we’re either persons or property; and you would really be trying your utmost best to relieve your conscience if you would call a human child a piece of property just to protect your right to eliminate them.

Another thought-pattern is that it is just patriarchal and barbaric to put laws that force a woman to go through with a pregnancy, because what if that woman is raped?

What if there is something severely wrong with the child and they would just have a very low quality of life if you continued with the pregnancy?

Or what if the woman’s health would be severely hampered by her going through with the pregnancy? Like if she had a life-threatening illness or if she was a mere child herself and giving birth could put her life at risk?

The Guttmacher Institute is a research and policy organization committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights in the United States and Globally. In the last 25 years, Guttmacher has conducted two major studies asking women why they chose abortion and their answers have remained basically the same:

  • Only 7% of women report that their abortion was because of a health reason or a possible health problem with the baby
  • Less than half a percent report that their abortion was because they became pregnant as a result of rape.
  • 92% of abortions in America are purely elective — done on healthy women to end the lives of healthy children.

Let that sink in for a moment… That’s almost all of them.

The Guttmacher Institute is pro-choice. These statistics come from the abortion industry’s own research group.

Another argument is that if abortion is not legalized, desperate young women would fall prey to backstreet butchers to perform these operations in conditions that would endanger the pregnant woman or they would try to do it themselves, with catastrophic results.

However, the experience of other countries shows that restricting abortion does not cause a rise in maternal deaths.

  • Despite its tight abortion restrictions, Ireland has the lowest maternal mortality rate in the world, according to a study by several agencies at the United Nations
  • Malta also has substantial abortion limitations and yet has among the lowest maternal death rate world-wide, lower than the United States.
  • Data compiled by Polish government agencies shows a marked decrease in maternal deaths once abortion was made illegal.

I worked for a local NGO that was advocating for the sexual and reproductive rights of women as their basic tenet.

I believe in women’s rights because I believe in Genesis 5:1 -2 that says “When God created man, He made him in the likeness of God [not physical, but a spiritual personality and moral likeness]. He created them male and female, and blessed them and named them Mankind at the time they were created.”

This means that there is no gender that was created in more of an image of God than the other. Therefore, I don’t believe in higher or lower ranking human beings. I believe that headship is a matter of purpose and authority, not ability or worth. I believe that submission is a matter of honor and respect, not worthlessness.

Reproductive rights, described broadly, means having the political freedom, economic resources, and information that allows you to understand how your body functions, protect it from disease, and control how many children you have and when you have them.

The modern “pro-choice” movement is desperate to protect the image of abortion as positive and pro-woman.

I beg to differ.

If sex was sacred and valued… If it was something people planned for, waited for and committed for, like the Bible suggests, we’d have far more people in the kind of relationships that could support child-bearing and rearing like God intended.

But this is the world…

So I think second best would be education, empowering the girl child so that she can make better choices and the free availability of contraceptives.

When I saw all the women that took part in the march, a day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, fighting for amongst other rights, the right to abort, I couldn’t stop wondering what had ever happened to all the other forms of birth control.

When he signed the anti-abortion policy that cuts off all tax-payer funds from going to NGO’s that advocate for or perform abortions, the outrage was as if no other form of birth control exists and that all over the world, women would just fall pregnant and have no way of preventing it from happening.

Condoms, pills, injections, patches, the rhythm method, abstinence…. All are suddenly not optional.

Establishing legal limits to the current “absolute right to abortion” will mean much fewer abortions, and that is to the good of women, children, families, and society, because I believe that the frequency of abortions is a symptom of something gone terribly wrong in society.

I believe that women deserve better than abortion.

We need to address the root.

There is a pro-woman, pro-life organization called Feminists for Life which says abortion is a reflection that society has failed to meet the needs of women.

I mentioned Kate Michelman, the former president of NARAL Pro-Choice America earlier in this article. She proclaimed abortion to be “the guarantor of a woman’s right to participate fully in the social and political life of society.”

But pro-life feminists believe this turns feminism on its head because it says women don’t have an inherent right to participate in society, but one conditioned on surgery and sacrificing their children.

Let that sink in for a second.

If women don’t sacrifice their unborn children, they will not and cannot get ahead in society like a man can…. The same man that impregnated her and most likely abandoned her.

No women should have to abort her child to participate fully in society, because that in itself is a failed society.

A million child sacrifices in America alone per year are made on the altar of economic freedom and autonomy…

I have a personal friend that had to abort because she was involved with a man in her teens who turned out to have a WHOLE Family…. She was taken advantage of. She had to think about the fact that she needed to go to university… make something of her life… She grew up in the church… the stigma alone of her ordeal….

I can’t imagine it.

But she can’t forget it.

It’s hard to let go of things like that.

There are brave women coming forward in ever greater numbers to speak out about how abortion was not an act of empowerment but the result of abandonment, betrayal, and desperation, and how it has negatively affected their lives.

And there you have it…

I was on Facebook today, on a pro-life page. The topic was, “How old would your child be had you not aborted them?”

The comments section was overflowing with stories of regret, of torture and grief and how some found solace in giving the unborn child a name. Many of them knew the exact age the child would be. They remembered that day like it had just happened and would do anything to change it, because many years after that, their perspectives had changed and the circumstances around why they had made that decision had changed too.

The website www.afterabortion.com  established by a woman who had 5 abortions provides a place for women to help each other cope with the aftermath of their abortions. There are nearly 2.5 million posts. They tell stories of how they were coerced into aborting their children by boyfriends, husbands, friends, and family. They describe how abortion was far from being a choice. They speak of overwhelming guilt, nightmares, excessive drinking, drug abuse, and promiscuity, an inability to form or maintain relationships, difficulty bonding with later children, and other ways in which they are suffering.

Matthew 18:10 ESV

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.

Our humanity is so much more than a bunch of cells that came together…

We are in the image of God. Every life matters to Him.

Children are a blessing and an inheritance. Cherish them.

Each and every one of us was born with a specific purpose. We are a solution, not a problem.

Finally, in the words of the late, greatly honored Dr. Myles Munroe: “There are no illegitimate children… only illegitimate parents.”

In other words, the illegitimacy of your actions do not taint the legitimacy, validity, importance, worth and value of that child you are carrying.


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